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Freelance Mobile apps development

Apps for iOS, Apps for Android – Xamarin, C#, MvvmCross, Swift, Java

Xamarin studio with ios and android mobile phones

Showcase – uPulse fitness

uPulse is a virtual-coaching fitness application

– Developed the application for iOS and Android using Xamarin and MvvmCross
– The application content (data, colors and pictures) relies on WCF web services
– Dynamic customization of controls from the web service
– Advanced use of MvvmCross: Custom bindings, converters, presenters, plugins
– Native views using Interface builder XIBs (for iOS) and AXML (Android).
– UI design/prototyping
– Automated testing using Xamarin.UITest (Calabash)
– AppStore/Playstore submission (5 white-labels, 10K+ users)

Showcase – Websalsazur

Websalsazur is a mobile application dedicated to Salsa dance events for the French riviera.

– Developed the application for iOS and Android using Xamarin and MvvmCross
– Developed the server side in PHP. Data for events and photo albums are automatically updated.
– Made the whole design with Sketch and Photoshop
– Custom controls and Advanced layout
– Used FFImageLoading library to handle pictures download and caching
– Shoutcast radio streaming.


« My passion is to create innovative and customer oriented products »

Kid-programmer at 14 years old, I began writing some small games in QuickBasic. At 16, for the high school diploma I developed a VisualBasic application allowing the user to create 3D solids.

I graduated in 2004 of a Master degree in electronics and computer sciences, at that time I was mainly focusing on embedded C programming on PIC and M68000.

Then I worked 10 years in the mobile phone industry as a software engineer. I began writing mobile phone applications for Purple Labs. Then I worked on other software stacks (linux driver for Android devices, ARM assembly for TrustZone, TEE…) for companies like Trustonic, Texas Instruments and NVidia ; on all project phases: specs, development, debugging, tests ; with different organisations types: startups, big companies, collocated/distributed teams.

In 2010 I challenged myself about creating a commercial product. Passionate with sound design, I created VST plugins instruments in C++. I sold them with Paypal on an OSCommerce website that I have created ( This niche market project had more sales than I expected, and users feedbacks were encouraging. Ever since I kept this entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong motivation in creating my own products.

In 2015 I started my freelance activity: iOS and Android mobile apps development (with Xamarin and in Native). Since, I am engaged mainly on consulting contracts for startups (locally or remotely) and Xamarin trainings.

– Expert in CC++C#/.NET, Swift, Java
– Outstanding problem-solving abilities
– Experience in writing commercial-grade source code, deployed at large scales.
– Cross-platform apps in Xamarin & MvvmCross for both iOS and Android.
– Native apps: iOS (Swift, Xcode), Android (Java, Android Studio).
– Version control systems: GIT, SVN, Perforce, TFS.
– Expertise in WebServices (REST, SOAP, WCF, PHP)
– UI design with Sketch.
– Agile methodology (scrum team member)
– Occasional trainer on Xamarin technologies (Foundation & Advanced)

Jonathan Roux Développeur Mobile Freelance

French, 36 years old
Phone: +33 977 1 977 87
I can provide a detailed CV on demand



Feel free to contact me for the following roles:


– Develop or improve your iOS and Android app (Xamarin or Native)
– Reinforce your team in all phases of a project
– Build reusable code and libraries for future use
– Ensure the technical feasibility of UI designs
– Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
– Define a test strategy and develop unit tests



« I can provide trainings programs on demand »

Xamarin Foundations:

  • iOS or Android : 3 days
  • iOS and Android: 5 days

Xamarin Foundations + Advanced:

  • iOS or Android : 5 days
  • iOS and Android: 8 days
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